Maryland Renaissance Festival
August 25, 2002
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The Festival Program

"Most Honored Guests

Welcome to the village of Revel Grove, in the county of Oxfordshire in England. The year is 1533 and King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn are visiting Revel Grove as part of their royal progress."

Thus read the program that all the guests received on arrival at Revel Grove, the faux village where the Maryland Renaissance Festival is held.

Costumed actors, entertainers and shopkeepers dress in Renaissance period costume, even speaking with a period accent.

Guests wander the village, watching the performances, eating, drinking and browsing the craft shops.

The program went on, "The King commands all who enter to make merry. Huzzah!"

Melanie, Chris, Rich, Tim

Melanie, Chris, Rich and Tim pause for a picture in front of Rosie's Posies shop, on Valley Meade in the village of Revel Grove.

Then, carrying the very modern convenience of digital cell phones, the boys went one way, and Melanie and Pat went another...each group pursuing their own flavor of merriment.


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