The TerraOasis web site has changed over the years, adding bits and pieces in that time. Old things are often displaced in the recurring cycle of change. But sometimes they find a new home in a repository somewhere, and slowly assume the station of artifact or object d'art.

Archive is like a drawer, closet or attic, where long-forgotten things wait for us to rediscover them.

HTML Compilations

These and the items in the sidebar were some of the earliest web pages developed for TerraOasis, using plain HTML. These features will open in a separate window.

Flag Football

- June 2002, Chris joined a flag football team, with other kids from school. See pictures ››

Sparkle of Appelveldt

- October 2001, We call her Sparks for short. She is the a newest member of our herd. See Pictures ›› (opens a new window)


- October, 2000 - Chris and his fourth grade class field trip to Jamestown, Virginia See pictures ›› Note: opens in a new window.

Armed Forces Day 2000

- May, 2000 - Open house at Andrews Air Force Base for Armed Forces Day Story ››


A mixture of portraits and picture compilations showing some of the residents of TerraOasis, at various seasons of the year.


- Family portraits from 2005

HORSES & FARM - 2005

- Horse and farm pictures from 2005.


- Family portraits from 2004

HORSES - 2004

- Horse pictures from 2004.


- No farm would be complete without dogs and cats.

SPRING - 2003

- Easter egg hunt and other picts from the Spring of 2003.

WINTER - 2003

- This Winter included the worst snow storm in at least ten years.

HORSES - 2002

- For equestrians...horse pictures from Appelveldt Farm.


- This year, Melanie's brother Tim visited.


- In 1983, members of the Scout Platoon, 1-19th Infantry, traveled to the Republic of Korea to participate in exercise Team Spirit.
This annual training event proved to be an experience of a lifetime.

KOREAN WAR - 1950/2000

- June, 2000 marked the 50th anniversary of the Korean War. A summary of the conflict is included to educate visitors on an event that is often left on the wayside of history.

Horses 2003

- Pictures of Melanie riding Pico in a jumper show. See pictures ››

Night Skiing

- December, 2000 to March, 2001 - We seemed to have spent more time outdoors this past year, and even though the winter seemed to start earlier than usual, we discovered a new way to get outside. We decided to go skiing. See pictures ››

Winter Tree

- December 2002 - Tree on a winter morning, in the backyard at Appelveldt. See picture ››

Summer Visit

- June 2002, Joe came to visit us at Appelveldt one summer. See picture ››


- May 2002, Melanie, by the hedge of peonies in spring. See picture ››

Summer 2001

- August 2001, Even before school started, Chris' teacher wrote all the kids in the class. She asked them to write a letter back, telling about their Summer. See the highlights of Chris' Summer. Story ››