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airshow ARMED FORCES DAY 2000
May, 2000

Going to Andrews Air Force Base has become something of a tradition for us. Every year, for Armed Forces Day, the base has an open house with static displays by all branches of the U.S. armed services, and an air show.  

C-5 Galaxy The day started drizzly, windy and cold. And although it improved later, the visibility continued to be so poor, most of the planes couldn't fly.

This open house was still special though, as it was the 50th anniversary of Armed Forces Day. Beginning in 1950, President Harry S Truman declared the third Saturday of every May as a day for the nation to honor the service men and women of its Armed Forces.

B-25 Mitchell In addition to the many modern aircraft, there were more vintage airplanes than in previous years, and people wearing vintage uniforms.

The static displays also included tanks, trucks, missile launchers, even boats and other equipment.

Several displays and booths were there to remind visitors that it was also nearing the 50th anniversary of the Korean War.

BT67, a converted C47 Among the civilian airplanes on display was the Basler BT-67, a modern day conversion of one of my favorite planes, the C-47 (DC-3).

There were also several acrobatic planes, like the AOL 5.0 Extra and the Boeing bi-planes of the Red Baron Premium Stearman Squadron.

F16 Fighting Falcon The open house wouldn't have been complete without the many boothes with information and air show souvenirs. One booth, though, was promoting a new magazine called Ghostwings. The magazine features historical articles about the Second World War. What's significant about that? The magazine was started by high school students, who continue to operate while going to college.

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